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Lino Cut by Oona Padgham

Welcome to
The Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

The Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation was incorporated as a registered non-profit society in 1996 in British Columbia. The Director is Theresa Wolfwood of Victoria.

The aims of the BBCF are:

  1. To create, to develop, and to encourage programs that promote social justice, peace, sustainability, diversity and community, through research, writing, film and art; and
  2. To organize public events that will contribute, globally and locally, to knowledge and awareness.


Gerd Weih

geridGerd Weih, founding member of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, died in Victoria on August 31. He was dedicated to the aims and work of BBCF which he formed with his wife and companion in life’s struggles for peace and justice, Theresa Wolfwood. The ‘Boecker’ in the name of the foundation came from his mother’s family.
After his experiences in World War 2 and his time in a Russian prisoner of war camp, he came to Canada to start a new life. He believed that war was the worst thing that could happen to people and a society and worked tirelessly for peace that provided justice and dignity for people and communities.
Gerd was a physician who healed many people; he brought hundreds of babies into the world. He practised in Alberta for most of his working life. After early retirement from medical practice, Gerd worked as a volunteer doctor in Nevis, Domenica, Zimbabwe and Nicaragua- in a war zone, often treating those injured by the Contras.
His commitment to peace and social justice took him with Theresa to be human rights observers in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, to refugee camps in Mexico to meetings and clandestine encounters with Guatemalans during the civil war there. He joined a coffee-picking brigade in Nicaragua. Later he was a an election observer three times in El Salvador and travelled to Mexico to meet with activists opposed to Canadian mining companies.
He visited and supported the Mazi Mazuri Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, Women in Struggle in Pakistan, farmer groups in Uganda and many other grass-roots organizations. He believed in and supported independent media in Canada and abroad.
Gerd and Theresa travelled twice to Palestine, meeting farmers, families, activists, workers and independent politicians; they attended a conference on non-violent resistance in Bil’in, Palestine where they were tear-gassed by the Israeli army at peaceful demonstrations. In Jordan and Lebanon they met with Palestinian refugees in camps and organizations dedicated to an independent Palestine and the right of return.
Over the years Gerd was informed and inspired by participation in World Social Forums and other international conferences. He was always stimulated by the work and analysis of other activists.
A keen reader, he was reading books on Palestine, USA torture camps and the Spanish Civil War just before his death.
Gerd loved making and fixing things. He spent many hours lying under various ancient VW vans over the years. With Theresa he built a cabin on Hornby Island; there he planted trees and entertained many visitors. He joined in many peace and social actions in that community.
He loved the theatre and was an enthusiastic amateur actor, set-builder and board member of theatre groups. He acted in two political musicals created and directed by BBCF board member, Stacy Chapplel. In MAI in Oz he played Margaret Thatcher as the Marlboro Man and in Splice of Life he was a genetically modified sheep.
Gerd was actively involved in BBCF work, often directing attention and contributions to various causes he felt strongly about, including The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature and its tree planting project in Palestine and the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) Campaign for Palestine.
Locally he was active in the Mining Justice Action Committee and the Central America Support Committee; he was bagging its Café Simpatico fair trade, organic Nicaraguan coffee in the weeks before he died. He loved hosting visitors and gatherings in his home. In June he participated as he had in previous years in the Cumberland Miners Memorial.
Gerd faithfully attended Victoria Women in Black vigils; he helped make hundreds of White Poppies for Peace and wore his proudly on his birthday, November 11, a symbol of his work for peace. The Women in Black August 6, Hiroshima Day vigil was his last public event; he came, frail but determined to the end, to witness for peace.
Photo: 2011 Diyarbakir, Turkey while attending Social Forum there.


A new poetry collection by Theresa Wolfwood
love and peace book coverLOVE AND RESISTANCE
Theresa Wolfwood. 2014. Smallberry Press, London. UK ISBN: 978-0993031502

The passion for social justice, human rights and the longing for peace illuminate many of Theresa´s poems. In some the passion is expressed by individuals: a child in Gaza recounts her own war story and tells readers...we are still here in Gaza. In El Salvador a baker stands up against international mining interest...strong from the resistance of bread dough. She expresses her love for the world she inhabits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, a world where all life in connected...rooted we are together in this brief borrowed paradise.
The poetry of Theresa Wolfwood also includes the intensely personal love poems for her lover...your back a mahogany guitar/ emerging from its case...and for her mother...She lay unconscious, a crumpled stained handkerchief/on a stretch of dirty snow.
Theresa Wolfwood is a poet of fine sensitivity and deep passion for the human condition, the world we travel through and our search for truth and meaning. Her poems are to be savoured and re–read as sign posts in all our journeys; her words, honest about tragedy and horror are nonetheless imbued with hope and optimism that...we will transform the power of desecration/ our song will restore the earth. From the publisher

“Theresa Wolfwood writes intelligent, compassionate poems that are able to bear witness to human suffering and resilience, distant and near, with the same intimacy, sweetness and persuasive power. Theresa has a steady open gaze, what Iris Murdoch called ´the reality of compassion...the ability to see clearly.´” Heather Spears, artist and Governor–General´s Award winning poet, author of 11 books of poetry and 4 novels

“Theresa Wolfwood puts her passion for justice into action, presentations, photography, fabric banners and fortunately for us — also on the page. Her poetry sings us to a better world through lament, challenge, hope and above all, love. Through much of my life, Theresa´s work has been an inspiration.” Carolyn Pogue, author of Rock of Ages and After the Beginning

Terry“Like ´the steadfast scent of za´atar´, the poems of Theresa Wolfwood are the product of her big heart: passionate, encouraging and hopeful. Yes, her poems crave the beauty of justice in an unjust world. To her, the Palestinian pain is not a theme of solidarity but a first–hand personal experience in her life. To be political and convincing in the same time is difficult but this is exactly the achievement of these poems.” Mourid Barghouti, author of Midnight and other poems & I saw Ramallah

Available from:
Ivy´s Bookshop, Victoria, BC
Volume One Bookstore, Duncan, BC
Beit Zatoun shop, Toronto, Ontario
Arbutus Arts, Hornby Island, BC
Housman's Books, London. UK
RISC World Shop, Reading, UK
On line on Amazon & other outlets

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Calgary Women in Black

Victoria women in Black on ‘Navy Days” in front of a warship

For up dates on Victoria Women in Black check us out at “Women In Black Victoria, B.C. Canada” on the Facebook page



imageA project of The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature. Amman, Jordan supported by BBCF
Did you know that Israel has uprooted & destroyed more than 1 million trees in Palestine?

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature needs our support to replace these trees and restore the environment and livelihood of Palestinians as well as in its work to raise awareness about the occupation & destruction of Palestine. Support this action to help win peace and justice in Palestine. The trees can be designated in your name or in the name of anyone you choose to honour this way. BBCF is working with APN to raise funds and to help tell people everywhere about Palestine. In 2008 APN achieved its goal of planting one million tress and APN is now working on its second million tree campaign. In Victoria, we have already raised more than $10000 for trees.

Buy a living tree for $8 / 5 GB pounds or 6 Euros!   Cheques & bank drafts in these currencies can be sent to BBCF, 1022 McGregor Ave. Victoria, BC. CANADA
Contact BBCF for other forms of payment & information

Photo of Razan Zuayter, Director of APN, taken at the World Social Forum, Nairobi, Kenya, 2007. TW

To read a presentation by Razan Zuayter Click here

Books of Interest–Recently reviewed – click here: As

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