City governments have more influence than individuals; USA mayors passed an important resolution in 2013. If they can do it Canadian mayors can also. Canadian mayors will be meeting soon in 2014. Your mayor with other mayors could present a resolution based on the USA mayor’s work. Write to your local mayor(s) soon.
 PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWIG AS A GUIDE TO WRITE TO YOUR CITY’S MAYOR in your own words. (&copy to all your City councillors)
Dear Mayor…
We wish to bring to your attention the imbalance of federal spending we witness - an increase in military budgets and a decrease in domestic needs, including assistance to cities where most Canadians reside.
The mayors of the USA in June, 2013 adopted unanimously a resolution calling on USA government t decrease military spending and re-direct funds to domestic needs.   has the complete resolution.
In November 2013 a majority of USA citizens polled said they wanted its government to end foreign military intervention. Since that time talk of war on Iran and Syria has diminished.  It appears that national governments do heed the opinions of citizens and their civic representatives.

We call on you to work with Canadian mayors to pass a similar resolution at the meeting of mayors in 2014, calling for Canada to commit to disarmament and to decrease our military budget, now at an all-time high, and to re-direct our resources and spending to domestic needs, including the infrastructure of cities.
 Approximately 80% of Canadians live in cities. City governments have the potential for significant political influence on our national government.

We look forward to your reply and an outline of what actions you will take on this serious issue.
Yours in Peace,

***********************************                                                                                                           This action is spreading across Canada. Please send it to your contacts in other cities.