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CANADIAN DIMENSION.  Sept. 07, Sept. 08, March 09, August 09 Winnipeg, CA.
NEW INTERNATIONALIST. UK & CA.  Aug. 05, May 07, Aug 07, Oct. 07 May 09.
Websites  Adameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Arab Group for the Protection of Nature Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation has more articles, action suggestions & reviews of many of the books & films listed  Boycott, Divestment &Sanctions The site for Bil’in village, Palestine Canadian Arab Federation  Research on Canada’s military sales & investments Canada Palestine Support Network:  good  news & analysis   Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions what mainstream media misses & omits on Middle East website of the Israeli historian  International Women’s Peace Service  Palestinian cartoonist Near East Cultural & Ed. group in Canada   good news source updates on Palestinian political prisoners Stop the Wall Campaign

THE IRON WALL    Director, Mohammed Alatar.
JERUSALEM: The East Side Story Director, Mohammed Alatar.
OCCUPATION 101: voices of the silent majority   Directors, Sufyan Omeish & Abdullah Omeish.  Triple Eye Film Production.
You, Me &the SPP  Director Paul Manly. A film on Canada’s militarization & occupation
Arna’s Children  Director, Juliano Mer Khamis  available from
This Palestinian Life Director Philip Rizk
JENIN JENIN  director Mohamed Bakri
OUR STORY presented by Dr. Moustafa Barghouthi

SALT OF THE SEA director Annemarie Jacir & stars poet Suheir Hammad